Founded in 1855

Motto: Love of country and service to all without distinction

Kindergarten - primary - secondary

Director: Marwan Deiratany (one of the members of the Mayor of the church)


  • In 1855 It was founded by American missionaries as an elementary school wit
    h national management at the church property in Bestan El Diwan.

  • In 1905 It was developed nationally to secondary school

  • In 1907 was the construction of its buildings in Bab El Sbaa by national effort without the help of the Missionary.

  • In 1913 Its graduates were accept
    ed in the American University of Beirut for the first time without examination.

  • In 1978 the modern school buildings for kindergarten were added.

  • In 1996 another floor was added.

  • In 2000 extension building was added to the primary section.

  • Number of students: In 1905: 137 students. In 2004-2005: 2157 mixed and from all religions and sects.


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